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A Toast to 2009



Here we are!


Here we are at the end of a year that challenged us beyond our wildest imagination.  Here we are to celebrate the mending of fences broken by hatred and the rebuilding of bridges burnt by ignorance.  Today, we share in the joy of regarding each other, once again, as brothers and sisters, as parents and children, as friends and fellows.


How we looked forward to 2009.  How we waited for something new … something fresh … something INVIGORATING!  Didn’t we wonder how Kenya would survive the turbulence we witnessed?  We had lost faith in our leaders, we lost had faith in each other and we lost faith in ourselves.


But here we are 12 months later.  In our hands we hold the keys to our destiny.  We hold the chance to clink our glasses to love, to hope and to prosperity.  Some of us have made resolutions that we intend to keep.  Others have made resolutions we know we cannot keep.  However, we have all made them in hope – and that hope will carry us through 2009 and into the second decade of the 21st Century.


As we stand on the brink of this important bridge to our future, let us do so with anticipation.


Let us dream – because our dreams challenge us beyond our limitations and inspire us to do great and glorious deeds.


Let us dare!  Let us step beyond our limitations and prejudices to heal our nation and change the world.


Let us dance.  Let us move to the rhythm of our success and to the music of our laughter.  Let us become partners in the ballroom of brotherhood and move in synchrony to the wonderful beat of life.


When the fireworks have died and the celebrations are forgotten, let us not forget what makes us who we are and who makes us what we are.  Let us take some time to do the things that matter – and a little more time to say the things that matter.


In 2009, may we step out and step up!  May we make our own fireworks and celebrate the colourful displays of our successes.  And when the curtain falls on this wonderful year, may we gather here, once again, to celebrate love for life and love for love’s sake.


To 2009 – the first year of the rest of our lives!


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