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No free lunch

It’s been a while since I last blogged … and as a result, I’ve been suffering my fair share of blogger’s block. However, as many of you know, what is probably the quickest and most effective remedy is visiting other blogs and stealing ideas from other posts. After all, isn’t that what blogging is about? Creating conversation, controversy and any other relevant word that may start with c?

Anywho, I happened to read the perfect post – and should, at this point, say that I think one 0.5 deserves kudos for his thoughts on the above issue.

There is no better way to put it that my high school principal always did, “When you play with fire, you get burnt.” That’s how simple it is, and as I like to say, life is very often very simple, but very many times we like to pretend that it isn’t, and the solutions to our problems are written in a code that only we can decipher when we want to. The truth, however, is that life is very fair, and as a result, the fire that you play with will burn you with the same intensity that it did its previous victims.

Now, that having been said, why do we as human beings have such a high propensity to believe that this fair game will deal us a better hand than other people when faced with a similar dilemma? I know … I’ve been there myself. It could happen in any situation:
You don’t study for an exam, you hope to pass
You move in with a man/woman who hasn’t put at least one ring on your finger and you expect them to leave when you’re out of their mix
Or, as 0.5 says, you enjoy the lunch every day for as long as you aren’t incurring costs and want to make a mad dash for it at the first sign of a bill?

I need to know … are we growing up at all? Is there any hope that we as the next generation of leaders will learn from our mistakes and those who have gone before us and take the necessary responsibility for our actions?

Or is this a lost cause? Are we eternally damned to the repercussions of our apparently infinite folly?


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