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100 Things

I got tagged today …, and not one to be daunted by challenges, here goes …

Me …

1.    is a new kid on the blogosphere
2.    loves challenges
3.    Need a proponent for a debate? Call me
4.    Pride has a way of beating all other attributes to the finish line
5.    falls often follow
6.    laughs easily
7.    loves to love
8.    knows that love hurts
9.    has a best friend
10.  Tee totaller
11.  no wear make-up
12.  hated high school
13.  having a little trouble getting to 50 …
14.  simple country girl
15.  has a fetish for shoes
16.  Pink for me
17.  Prank master
18.  Bribe me with a warm chocolate doughnut
19.  will zone out on you if you're BORING
20.  loves veggie salad
21.  makes superb veggie salad
22.  lazy like a lazy person
23.  flirts like there's no tomorrow
24.  crossword over a good book
25.  hates newspapers
26.  sings … in the bafroom
27.  never karaoked
28.  loves Andy Capp
29.  will tease you any given sun … ny or rainy day
30.  loves weddings
31.  cries easily
32.  runs like a true Kikuyu mama
33.  looks like I am about to burst into tears when I run
34.  makes chapatis that can be used in the front line of the army
35.  veeery mushy
36.  good time girl
37.  loves Kenya
38.  old fashioned
39.  loves taking photos
40.  loves seeing photos
41.  love, love, luuuurvssalsa
42.  can't dance to anything else
43.  knows the best things in life are free
44.  has many friends
45.  has a few good ones
46.  Gullible
47.  loves children
48.  would love to teach
49.  a
50.  will play shake, bladder, circular (insert childhood game of choice) any day
51.  is sorry I doubted Shiroh's mathematical skills
52.  believes in me
53.  believes guys make better friends than girls
54.  prefers dresses and skirts to pants
55.  was beaten for not doing homework more times than we can all count
56.  skived school in Standard 3
57.  was the ring leader
58.  denied it at every opportunity
59.  has a very good memory
60.  will challenge you to arm wrestling
61.  will lose
62.  compliments easily
63.  will eat good food any time of the day
64.  can make at least one meal that will take your breath away
65.  can rely on me memory most of the time
66.  loves a great conversation
67.  loves matoke and githeri
68.  loves passion juice
69.  thinks me can act
70.  did not make it past auditions for the Drama Club
71.  knows Rome wasn't built in a day … it was built in
72.  can play an instrument
73.  believes I can live without a car for the rest of me life
75.  first born
76.  doesn't come across as one
77.  loves Mathematics!!
78.  loves controversy
79.  does not like people who think they are doing me a favour
80.  would love to watch Casablanca
81.  doesn't watch sabunis
82.  has a
new blogger's guide to blogging
83.  will take a challenge to Scrabble any day
84.  loves chicken jokes
85.  will give a chicken joke
86.  doesn't speak my mind often
87.  Good listener
88.  will be a chama mama
89.  does not like people who think they are doing me a favor
90.  loves my childhood memories
91.  named after Nelson Mandela's daughter
92.  can drive
93.  won't drive if me don't have to
94.  follows the rules
95.  loves intelligent company
96.  loved primary school
97.  is not a sucker for order
98.  asks that you bear with me for the randomness of my 100 things
99.  believes all good things take time
100.thanks you for passing by


April 6, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Sasa New Kid on the blog. Lemme just see; could that be a 100things wella.

    Comment by Shiroh | April 6, 2006 | Reply

  2. 13. having a little trouble getting to 50 …
    Minus one

    So they are ninety nine. Well are we opposites
    Have no best friend/have a best friend
    Dont like weddings/love weddings

    Nice one Wangu; well i didnt know you are Mushy tihihi

    mushy as they come, I am … I just don't watch sabuni's. ;o)

    Comment by Shiroh | April 6, 2006 | Reply

  3. #6,26,17,27,68 wangu wa makeri give me a call

    great list welcome to bloggin…hold on to ur knickers its gonna be a bumpy ride

    Comment by Nick | April 6, 2006 | Reply

  4. Glad me passed by. Loved your 100things, relate to some, especially that boys make better friends than chikidees, though my bestfriend is a girl, aaiii, whats up with me huh?

    Prefer pants over dresses and skirts. Shameful I know but I donn own a single dress, not funny.

    Glad I found your blog thru’ Shiroh, great place this!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Comment by Poi | April 8, 2006 | Reply

  5. Good one. No. 56, class 3, huh! I started skiving school from class 2 and did it all the way to campus, it is a hard habit to lose. Great blog will be checking you out, coz you’ve got me interested.

    Comment by Big Fish | April 10, 2006 | Reply

  6. welcome to the block

    Comment by bankelele | April 25, 2006 | Reply

  7. Hongera!!! U know yourself well.

    Dhanks, Babe.
    And dhanx for passing by.

    Comment by Yvette | March 28, 2007 | Reply

  8. Hey..just realized 79 and 89 are similar..u got 1 more to go:-)

    That particular point can be point 1 to point 100!!!

    Comment by Yvette | April 5, 2007 | Reply

  9. How old can u bee?

    Comment by Daudi | April 5, 2007 | Reply

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